A new day is born





120 x 120, painting is a window on the world exposition

I ‘ve been on a painting exposition opening in palazzo Attems Petzenstein, Gorizia, Italy.  Organised by Etos association with private collection from Klinec brothers. My favorite paintings / authors –   Mitsuko Mori, Sevda Chkoutova, Claudio Mrakic.

Concrete, Glass, Steel and Sky

© Boris Gorjan 2012

Like David and Goliath! Everything is made by natural elements – the building and the sky. One was made by man the other by the Univers. Who is stronger?

Ciuha and a visitor

© Boris Gorjan 2012

Yesterday evening I went to the exhibition opening of the Slovenian painter Jože Ciuha, to Villa Manin, Italy. Great artist, great location. Inspiration came immediately . Thank you, Jože!

They are still here

© Boris Gorjan 2012

Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici or Knights Templars. They brought knowledge from middle east and left signs everywhere. On friday 13 they were cought, the order dissoluted but their treasure and knowledge was never found. They are still around.  Can you see the face helmet of the guardian?